Mardiros Badalyan      Mardiros Badalyan was born in 1952, in the village of BANANTS, Syunik. And has resided in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia since 1964.
    He studied at the High School of Fine Arts founded by Panos Terlemezyan (1968 - 1972).
    From 1972 till 1974 he served in the Soviet Army.
    In 1975 entered and in 1981 graduated from Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts.
    In 1982 he was commissioned to undertake scene painting and remained with the Company till 1988.
    Since 1981 till the present he has been working at the Yerevan State Theatre of Puppet, Music and Dramatic Art as the chief artist.

    1988 he was elected as a Member of Armenian and Russian Painters’ Union.
    1996 he was invited to become a Member of UNESCO Painters’ Union.
      Mardiros Badalyan’s Works were exhibited in number Eastern European cities: Pittsburgh, Moscow, Ryazan, Minsk, Riga, Baku, Tbilisi.


      1984 - Yerevan, Armenia, “House” of Artist’
      1991 - Yerevan, Armenia, “House” of Journalists’
      1991 - Vienna, Austria, National Gallery, Museum fur Volkerkunde
      1992 - Marseilles, Nice, Cannes, Paris, France
      1993 - Yerevan, Armenia, Museum of Er. Kochar
      1996 - Berlin, Bochum, Germany
      1996 - Yerevan, Armenia Gallery of Armenian Painters’ Union
      1999 - Yerevan, Armenia Gallery of Armenian Painters’ Union
      2003 - Yerevan, Armenia Museum of Aram Khachatryan
      2003 - Marseilles, France
      2007 - Tours, France
        His most recent exhibition centred on Pop Art and Assemblies of Collages. His works were acclaimed in the Armenian Press and TV and by the public.
      As a multi-media artist Mardiros Badalyan has executed more than 40 stage settings in number of Armenian theatres.
      He was responsible for the preparation of backdrops to 12 fiction films, four of which were French production.
      He has also executed many holiday ceremonies, festivals, and concerts.
        Many works of Mardiros Badalyan have been acquired by collectors in Europe (Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland Czech Republic, and Hungary), America and Japan.
        Mardiros Badalyan is a very talented individual and has found a place among his fellow renowned artists.

Honorary Titles of the Republic of Armenia conferred on a number of art and culture workers

     For notable contribution to the field of theatre and on the occasion of the International Theatre Day, on March 26 RA President Robert Kocharyan signed a decree on conferring Honorary Titles to a number of workers of culture and art.
      In 26.03.2008 The Honorary Title of the Merited Painter of the Republic of Armenia was conferred on Martiros Badalyan.